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An in stock collection of pieces from our makers — the circle of friends inspiring us through function and form. 


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Dry Cushion Long
Ferm Living
Dry Cushion Long Sale price$125.00
Alza Bowl
Ferm Living
Alza Bowl Sale price$159.00
Hem Mat
Ferm Living
Hem Mat Sale price$75.00
#4273-1 "Foot" Paperweight
Brass Hand Keychain
Carl Aubock
Brass Hand Keychain Sale price$125.00
Way Rug
Ferm Living
Way Rug Sale price$369.00
Herman Magazine Stand
Hem Runner
Ferm Living
Hem Runner Sale price$189.00
Bendum Vase
Ferm Living
Bendum Vase Sale price$105.00
Hem Rug
Ferm Living
Hem Rug Sale price$565.00
Port Wood Basket
Ferm Living
Port Wood Basket Sale price$185.00
Brass Foot Keychain
Carl Aubock
Brass Foot Keychain Sale price$125.00
Brass Anchor Keychain
Calm Cushion
Ferm Living
Calm Cushion Sale price$85.00
Mayapan Plate
Mayapan Plate Sale price$475.00
Bernini Letter Holder
Grand Aperture 4
Allied Maker
Grand Aperture 4 Sale price$22,500.00
Brass Tuning Fork Keychain
Level Side Table
Ferm Living
Level Side Table Sale price$315.00
#4220-1 "Wrist" Corkstopper
Brass Seahorse KeyChain
Coba Tray with Leather
Coba Tray with Leather Sale price$135.00
#3600-2 "Crown" Ashtray
Tribar Mirror
Bower Studios
Tribar Mirror Sale price$4,600.00
Bendum Box
Ferm Living
Bendum Box Sale price$105.00
Last Chance Lancaster Lamp
Stone And Sawyer
Lancaster Lamp Sale price$766.50 Regular price$1,095.00
Estate Thorn Lamp