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Mudcloth Pillow

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Mudcloth is an African textile created by hand, mostly in Mali, Senegal and Burkina Faso.
The cotton cloth is created by weaving long narrow strips of fabric. Squares and
rectangles are made by cutting the original cloth into smaller strips and zigzag
sewing them together edge to edge. The plain cotton cloth is soaked in a solution
made from the bark, leaves, and roots of local savanna trees. How these contents
are combined determines the base color.
A mud mixture is then painted onto the cloth. Painting is done with a variety of
objects, including feathers, stamps, and cowry shells. Many figures have symbolic
meanings. Intricate mud cloth designs communicate a story.
Once the painting is completed, the cloth is dried in the sun.

Dimensions: 23"w x 16"h
Cover: Cotton and Linen
Design: Muso (Gray Cross)
Handsewn in Los Angeles

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